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Volunteer Program Is Now Open

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

We are in need of volunteers to join the garden!

We are lucky to have a great deal of support from the Marion community to keep these gardens feeding the food insecure. But we need more volunteers to keep growing our program! Come sit in the garden, enjoy some shade and a nice breeze. Do some watering or weeding. Bring your children to play in the grass!

ADA Compliant Raised Beds

We have wheelchair-accessible raised beds built specifically for the members of our community who often don't get to participate in programs like the garden.

We intend to install pathways to the raised beds and the greenhouse this year as well.

Anyone is welcome to participate, of any age or ability! Food produced in the garden goes to the families of volunteers, as well as being distributed to programs fighting food insecurity in our community, such as the Boxes of Love, Foothills Food Hub, and WIC program.

Down to Earth Gardening Club - Coming Soon!

A new gardening club is underway in Marion East! The goal is to bring the elders and youth of our community together to engage and learn from one another.

Contact Niki Palmer if you are interested!

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